Constitution of the Foundation

The incorporation of the Barcelona Mosque Foundation was undersigned on Tuesday, 8 January this year, in Barcelona, before a notary public. Whereas some may be tempted to dismiss this event as a mere signature, it is in fact far more significant, as this signature is intended to lay down the foundations of a new stage of opening up for Muslims in Barcelona. 

In fact, it is not only intended for Muslims, but rather, for all of Catalonia, as the Barcelona Mosque Foundation, being fully aware of the place and time where it is living, intends to contribute to society and to be an active asset in Catalan society.

To this end, its purpose includes goals such as promoting the creation of facilities for educational activities and leisure and recreation activities in order to foster the highest social values and to allow anyone to use and enjoy them.

The flagship of this Foundation is the development and construction of a large Mosque and Cultural Centre that will be open to the needs of society, an open and bright place that will provide a true picture of Islam, an image of Islam according to our understanding as European Muslims through classes, conferences, seminars, symposia, discussion panels, etc.

Another goal of the Foundation, which is particularly important in European society, is to promote the training of teachers, Imams and leaders to assist the spiritual needs of Muslims, promoting the creation of study centres and to develop places for meeting and prayer.

Indeed, this is important due to the fact that we are aware of the circumstances that surround us and that we must not allow for the importation of a model of Islam based on structures and ideologies that are incompatible with the rule of law.

Therefore, the incorporation of this new Foundation is intended to act as a link between the teachings of Islam and their most correct possible implementation in our place of residence. For all of the above, we hope to unite all of society and work together with governmental institutions and organisms in order to make this wonderful dream we are embarking on come true.